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Wij zijn er voor u om de juiste maaltijdcomponenten te creëren, met een mooie uitstraling!

About us

In short

Bosschieter Poeliersbedrijf B.V. is an import and export wholesale company specialising in poultry products, which has been active in the poultry sector since 1947.

The 3rd generation is now actively involved with making sure we satisfy all of our customers’ needs.
In addition to the fact we have become a true household name in the industry, our customers certainly also value our top quality products and services.
Our aim is to continue our great quality and excellent service provision, using our extensive range of poultry products.
After all, this is exactly where our company’s strength lies.

Our Historie


We would like to create the right meal components for you, ones which look great, which are easy and straightforward to prepare.

We can provide you with the perfect mixture of products and service.

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